Magic series

Featured spa-522 applies sophisticated technologyto achieve simple operation. The glamour of “Magic” comes from pursuiting changeful felling in our new spa from J&J. We develop our spa to be practical and characteristic.Spa-522 own a shell shaped seating layout with two comfortable loungers. The size is 2120*1980*980mm enough for 5 person. 46 innovative massage jets to be focused on your back, neck and waist. Equipped with 3 pumps, a 2KW heater and Ozone proved that no better way to have a spa-therapy using natural source of water to getting relax in your spare time. Combining the light therapy, we install 31pcs fiber optic lights around the tub to construct a fantastic atmosphere in night.

This spa vary from the before, we design a model for two styles to meet different needs of customers. From simple to luxury, not only upgrade in your visual effect but also in pleasure of the sense. The powerful function system like bathing, hydrotherapy and entertainment all is included in Spa-522 with a best price. Easy to own is the preponderance for standard style of Magic Series.

Magic Series Spa 522
Magic Series Spa 522 02
Model : SPA-522
Size : 2120x1920x980mm
Colour : White
Seating Capacity : 5 Person
Power Supply : 220~240V/50~60HZ or 380V/50Hz
Shell : Acrylic
  • Acryl

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  • Cover

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  • Skirt-PVC

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Standard Features:

1. Hot tub: 1PC
2. head rest: 4PCS
3. steel frame: 1PC
4. Water jets: Total hydro therapy Jets 46 PCS
    2.2"point-blank water jets: 11pc
    2.2"Rotary hydro therapy jets: 7pc
    2.5"point-blank hydro therapy jets: 2pc
    2.5"Rotary hydro therapy jets: 6pc
    3.5"Rotary hydro therapy jets: 3pc
    3.5"point-blank hydro therapy jets: 3pc
    4"Rotary hydro therapy jets: 3pc
    4"point-blank hydro therapy jets: 1pc
    5"point-blank hydro therapy jets: 1pc
    5"Rotary hydro therapy jets: 1pc
5. Fiber optic light: 31 PCS(Seven kinds of color)
6. LED light: 1PC(Seven kinds of color)
7. Drain valve: 1PC
8. Intake valve: 2PCS
9. Hydro massage pump 2HP: 2PC
10. Circulation pump 0.5HP: 1PC
11. Ozonator: 1PC
12. Heater 2KW: 1PC
13. Cartridge Filter: 1
14. Control: 1
15. Air Control Valves: 2x Easy-Flo Air Venturi(Seven kinds of color)
16. PVC cabinet: 1PC
17. Aromatherapy: 1PC
18. Insulation: 1PC
19. heavy duty spa cover: 1PC
20. PVC step: 1PC
21. Circulation pump 1HP: 1PC


1. DVD: 1PC
2. Topside Music: 1PC
3. Tub tray: 1PC
4. PVC step: 1PC
5. PVC Bar+stool package: 1PC
6. Drink Tray: 1PC
7. Winter Cover: 1PC
Type Specification(mm) Volume(m3) G.K.(kg)
hot htub 2200x2000x1040 4.5 380

20" Container can be loaded: 5
40"HQ Container can be loaded: 10
Quality: CE / ISO9001:2008

International specifications may vary; please contact your local dealer for additional information.

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