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Swim Spa
Welcome to J&J Swim Spa Manufacturers Company... your source to buy Swim Spas direct from an established swim spa manufacturer! Our unique revolutionary waterfall swim spa is the ultimate spa experience whether for relaxation or therapeutic health benefits.

New for 2008, the biggest J&J swim spa has been designed to lead the industry. With more swim room than any other swim spa on the market, the J&J swim spa combines fun, fitness and relaxation in one fantastic package. The J&J swim spa is available in Plunge, Professional and Extreme configurations, so you can choose the perfect option for your needs. The Extreme features that will give even the best of swimmers a rigorous workout. Finally the Plunge is ideal for those families who are focused on fun and relaxation

The designer filtration cabinet powered by the MaxiClean Filtration system,Maximum energy efficiency, Maximum water purity.


SPA - 8068
SPA - 8078 SPA - 8088
Swim Spa: SPA - 8068
Size: 5600x2200x1260/1370mm
Swim Spa: SPA - 8078
Size: 5600x2220x1480/1580mm
Swim Spa: SPA -8088
Size: 8980x2220x1480/1580mm
SPA - 8098 SPA - 8118 SPA - 8128
Swim Spa: SPA-8098
Size: 4280x2220x1350/1450mm
Swim Spa: SPA-8118 Size:
Swim Spa: SPA-8128
Size: 5950x2200x1480/1580mm
SPA - 8138 SPA - 8148 SPA - 8158
Swim Spa: SPA-8138
Size: 4800x2200x1480/1580mm
Swim Spa: SPA-8148
Size: 3900x2200x1080/1200mm
Swim Spa: SPA-8158
Size: 9000x2220x1480/1580mm
SPA - 8168 SPA - 8178 SPA - 8188
Swim Spa: SPA-8168
Size: 5900x2200x1360/1480mm
Swim Spa: SPA-8178
Size: 7500x2200x1420/1540mm
Swim Spa: SPA-8188
Size: 5900x2220x1360/1500mm
SPA - 8198 SPA - 8888
Swim Spa: SPA-8198
Size: 4500x2220x1360/1500mm
Swim Spa: SPA-8218
Size: 5900x2220x1360/1490mm
Swim Spa: SPA-8888
Size: 11000x2220x1480/1580mm

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