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Infrared Sauna
Model:FIR - 603
FIR-603 SAUNA is the latest in Infrared Sauna Technology. The 100% Red Cedar allows for the smell, feel and look of the classic look but the state of the art features will provide the latest in Infrared technology. The rectangular design and curved tempered glass allows heat to circulate and maintain a constant, comfortable temperature. The small compact size makes the FIR-603 perfect for any home gym or master bathroom. Claustrophobia is not an issue with this model, so you can relax, read a magazine and enjoy the surrounding environment. The seat is 6 inches width and large enough for you to lie down.
Features include a comfortable ergonomic backrest, double-paned glass door, CD player, 2 speakers, reading light, and drink stand.
The digital control box on your new sauna gives you precise control over the temperature at a range between 80 and 140 degrees. J&J saunas are powered with a 20 amp 120v electrical plug
Dimension of the FIR-603 is 182x122x195cm

Standard Features

  • Adjustable Temperature: 77F - 149F
  • Timer Setting: 0 to 60 minutes
  • Construction:
    Tongue & Grove Walls w/latches
    Non-toxic glues on inside
    Non-toxic finish on outside
  • Heaters:
    2 - 250 watts each on back
    2 - 400 watts each on side
    1 - 200 watts in seat.
  • Door with Window: Yes
  • Oxygen Ionizer: Yes
  • Magazine Rack: Yes
  • Towel Rack: Yes
  • External Digital Control: Yes
  • Internal Digital Control: Yes
  • External Lighting: Yes
  • IInternal Lighting: Yes
  • CD Music Player with AM-FM and Speakers: Yes
  • 20" Container can be loaded: 13
  • 40"HQ Container can be loaded: 38
  • Quality: CE / ISO9001
Infrared Sauna
Size: 1820x1120x1950mm(WxDxH)
Seating Capacity: 4 Person
Power Supply: 220~240V/50Hz
Pressure :700hpa ~1060hpa
Wood Materia: Hemlock FirOperating Temperature:77°F - 149°F
nternational specifications may vary; please contact your local dealer for additional information.
DISCLAIMER: Due to our continuous improvement programs, all models and specifications are subject to change without prior notice. Product pictured may include options beyond standard equipment. Check with your local dealer for the most current product specifications.

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